Vista Cay Resort Airbnb 

When booking Vista Cay Resort Airbnb on Airbnb be aware it is an online software booking giant run by a large corporation in California. Like all startups, it was full of good intentions, but today many people believe a stock price and out-of-touch management now drive it. Airbnb has done to travel what Facebook has become to social media. Of course, like Facebook, Airbnb can still have its use, but let us dig further in. 

There can be several problems with booking on Airbnb rather than directly with us a property manager at Vista Cay Resort in Orlando. Here we explain why you should book directly with us:

Can you trust whom you are renting the home from? 

If you book through Airbnb, you risk not knowing whom you rent the home from. You only have the experience of old guest reviews that stayed in the past and you need to know if the home you are booking is still a going concern. The vacation home may have some great previous reviews, but what happens if something goes wrong? Do they have an office with an actual business address located on-site and in the community? Suppose they decide to sell the home and forgot to tell you. Suppose the access entry works on time at night is there someone who can get you in located on-site? These are all serious questions to ask before booking through a third party rather than directly with . You can trust us by looking at how many years we have been on-site and managing property at Vista Cay. 

The standard of Airbnb can vary. 

The good thing about booking directly with a well-reviewed local company located on-site is that the management systems and procedures are standardized. When you rent on Airbnb there is a huge inconsistency in how the homes are operated and it may need to be a more guest-friendly practice. So if you are booing at Vista Cay Resort in Orlando, just book directly with us. We have been operating in Vista Cay Orlando for over a decade and have the booking, check-in, and check-out procedures down to a science, not to mention we have staff located on-site to take care of your needs seven days a week. 

Vista Cay Resort Airbnb
Vista Cay Resort Airbnb

Too much variety on AIRBNB

Again this comes to the previous point of concern. As we have been located on site in Vista Cay for over a decade we have built consistent practices and standards that work best for our guests. You know when you book directly with us rather than through a random list on AIRBNB you will get professional and consistent standards that have been developed over the last decade by industry professionals. One of the advantages of booking directly with us is that we offer a variety of floor plans and finishes, but the underlying services and amenities we provide are consistent so we take the guesswork out of booking a vacation rental. 

There is no guesswork when you book directly with a professional management company rather than a random listing on AIRBNB

Again if booking a random property on Airbnb you may find yourself guessing on the best location and the community resources. Our website has pages of videos and content so you know exactly what you are getting not to mention you will be working with the highest rate professional property management company in the industry located on site. You will find our website and confirmation process, as well as our check-in guides, are packed with useful information regarding Vista Cay Resort and the surrounding areas including video tours with the convention center, theme parks, and restaurant information guides packed with useful tips and tricks we have developed over the last decade. 

Sifting through Airbnb is time-consuming

There are literally hundreds of Airbnbs to sift through when looking at Vista Cay Resort in Orlando. Save yourself a lot of time by just entering your dates and picking one of our homes listed in a standardized format where it is easy to compare properties and amenities of each property in a consistent format. Booking direct takes the confusion out of the booking process. Also, you can view each of our homes in Vista Cay on the map section of the listing and see exactly where they are located. 

It saves you money

Booking directly with Vista Cay Orlando saves you from having to pay the Airbnb booking fees and as a result save you from having to pay these fees. When you book directly with us, you are guaranteed the lowest fees. So book with us directly at Vista Cay Orlando and save by not paying the Airbnb booking fees. 

Avoid Airbnb hosts canceling on you at the last minute

If you book directly with us we would never cancel your booking last minute unless there is a disaster such as a flood or electrical outage. Even then, we will find alternative accommodations for you almost immediately. Many hosts can cancel you last minute if they think they can get a better rate. We never do that. 

Alternatives to Vista Cay Resort Airbnb

There are many options for booking with Airbnb when looking at Vista Cay Resort. Other booking sites include VRBO, Expedia, and to name a few. But again, the problems with booking with these channels rather than booking directly from the source are the same as those with AIRBNB. In addition, on generic channels like Expedia,, and, you only know the actual unit you are booking once you arrive. 

Poor assistance when calling Airbnb

When booking on a site like Airbnb the phone support is usually based in a foreign country and makes for a poor experience if you need help understanding the person you are talking to and they are not intimately familiar with the location and property you are booking. If you have specific requests or needs that have to be addressed, booking directly with Vista Cay Orlando means you deal directly with us who are based on-site at Vista Cay. This is a huge advantage for booking your property and accessing our state-of-the-art on-site customer support if you can not gain access to your home or if there is something urgent you need to address. 

AirBNB cancelation policies can be inflexible. 

Airbnb cancelation policies can be inflexible, and there is generally one set option when booking a vacation rental at Vista Cay Resort Orlando. If you have any questions regarding our cancelation policy the terms are clearly explained and when you book you have to review them before booking to make sure you are very comfortable with our simple terms and understand them. Our cancelation policies are best when booking directly with us at Vista Cay Orlando. 

It can be confusing to have to deal with a third party like Airbnb

To avoid any confusion it may be easier to deal directly with the property manager as you can email us at Vista Cay at any time and we can help you as we are located on-site. In Addition, we are extremely familiar with the area and community as we live there, and you can also call us directly if you have any questions. 

No dedicated point of contact

When booking with us you will be assigned a specific reservations person to handle your entire experience. With Airbnb you literally do not know who you are dealing with and if there is a problem you will become a “a ticket” rather than have an immediate on-the-ground response from a dedicated person to help you if you book directly with Vista Cay Orlando. 

In summary, if you are looking to book Vista Cay Resort in Orlando on Airbnb, why not book directly from the source and save time, money, and confusion, not to mention you can ask us directly at the source rather than communicating through a third party and possibly with someone who not only is not on-site but does not have an office location at Vista Cay itself. 

Their size is overwhelming

Airbnb is a massive public company. The beauty of dealing directly with us at Vista Cay Resort is you are not dealing with a company that handles travel literally over the globe. Instead, you are dealing with a highly localized and on-site company. 

Booking directly with us saves you a host of problems and avoids having to deal with clinky third-party sites that charge you additional booking fees. Airbnb is a useful tool if booking unique properties in unique areas, but at Vista Cay, there are over 800 units so cutting out the middle guy makes perfect sense so you can book directly at the source instead. 

You can take a lot of guesswork out of your booking at Vista Cay Resort by booking directly with us on-site where you will receive highly personalized onsite and custom service.