Easy Check-Out Guide for Vista Cay

We hope you had a great stay!

Our cleaners will be there tomorrow at 10.00 AM. Generally, a later check-out is not available.

We hope you had a great stay!

Our cleaners will be there at 10.00 AM.

How to Check Out

1.       Please make sure the home is in the same condition as you found it. 

2.       Our housekeepers will clean & wash the home upon checkout, but if you could help by leaving the home shipshape checking all surfaces, the kitchen, and bathrooms, and bagging neatly all garbage it is greatly appreciated.

3.       You can leave any unopened food items on the kitchen counter or in the fridge. We deliver to the Second Harvest Food Bank. 

4.       Any recycling you can leave bagged with your regular garbage in the container outside your home. The garbage company sorts it daily. 

5.       Please lock all doors and windows. 

6.       Leave the AC at 74 degrees and set it to cool and auto. Please close all blinds and curtains to help conserve energy. 

  • Linens: Turn-down all beds that have been used to alert cleaning staff to change the bedding. Place all used towels in the laundry area.  
  • Kitchen: The kitchen should be left tidy with all the dishes clean and put away. Open food items should be bagged and thrown away.  
  • Garbage: All trash should be bagged and placed in the seat outside your main front door.
  • Final Departure: Take a final look around for forgotten items under beds and in drawers. Management is not responsible for items left behind. Items found will be returned to the office and returned to you at your expense. Unclaimed items will be donated to Goodwill after 30 days.  
  • And Finally: Check all windows and doors are locked and secure.  

Thank you for your business it is really appreciated. Drive home carefully and we hope to see you next year. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. or reach out to our property management company.