Area Guide

These are some of our staff’s favorite places in Orlando while you are staying at Vista cay:

Walking Distance from Vista Cay (all located in the Publix Shopping Plaza)

  1. Dunkin Donuts – The best coffee – 9924 Universal Blvd Suite 214, Orlando, FL 32819 – Phone: (407) 930-5680
  2. @ Diner – Modern artisan-style breakfast & lunch – Address: Lake Cay Place, Commons, 9938 Universal Blvd #140, Orlando, FL 32819 Menu: Phone: (407) 237-7687
  3. Publix – Our favorite grocery store – Address: 9930 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819 Phone: (407) 996-8400
  4. NYPD Pizza – Pizza 9900 Universal Blvd #100, Orlando, FL 32819 Phone: (407) 992-8990 (Restaurant and delivery)

Off the regular tourist path places to visit:

  1. Maxine’s (Restaurant) on Shine

Walk Around Lake Eola

Distance from Vista Cay 13.4 Miles: MAP / Directions

Why?: An alternative nice restaurant and a beautiful park where the locals go.

  1. Winter Park / Park Ave

Distance from Vista Cay 16.3 Miles: MAP / Directions

Why?: Fancy shops and restaurants in a stunning old Orlando setting.

  1. Border Grill

Distance from Vista Cay 5.4 miles: MAP / Directions

Why?: This Mexican Restaurant is a hole in the wall, but although cheap is also one of the highest-rated restaurants in Orlando

  1. Mount Dora

Distance from Vista Cay 35.4 Miles: MAP / Directions

Why?: A great day out in a beautiful old Florida town with lots of shops and restaurants along with boat tours and Sea Plane rides.

  1. Old Winter Garden

Distance from Vista Cay 21.1  miles: MAP / Directions

Why?: Beautiful old Florida downtown with shops and restaurants.

  1. Cocoa Beach

Distance from Vista Cay 56.4  miles: MAP / Directions

Why?: This is a typical Florida beach and is just 53 minutes to the pier by car and an easy drive.