Vacation rentals close to Universal Studios - Orlando Florida

Vacation Rentals Near Universal Studios Orlando

Vista Cay Resort is the closest vacation rental community to Universal Studios (just 4.7 miles). 

There are many vacation home communities in Central Florida but for the most part, they are all down by Disney, which is further in the south in Kissimmee and Davenport and much further from Universal Studios. As a result, if you are planning to visit Universal and rent a vacation home the closest and easiest to get to the community is Vista Cay which offers all the amenities of a resort, but all the amenities of home.  For reservations in Vista Cay Resort Orlando be sure to check out our homes. One of the most common questions asked is – vacation rentals close to Universal Studios where are they?

How far is Vista Cay from Universal Studios Orlando?

Vista Cay is just 4.7 miles from Universal. For a video of how to get to Universal watch this video below as gives you an idea of proximity and just how close Universal Studio is For vacation rentals close to Universal Studios, Vista Cay is the closest.  Epic Universe will be opening in the summer of 2025.

Vacation rentals close to Universal Studios

Is there a free shuttle to Universal from Vista Cay?

Vista Cay does not offer free shuttles to Universal as the homes there are all privately owned. However, given the closeness to Universal, you can get there with just a cheap Uber ride or a five-minute drive in your car.

Where can I get Universal Studios tickets at Vista Cay?

You can buy tickets for Universal Orlando in the lobby of Vista Cay from the concierge. Generally, these tickets are close in price when compared to buying directly at the park, but you save the most money when buying multi-day passes. Another plus is there is no waiting in line to buy tickets when buying them directly at the park. Although Vista Cay has the closest vacation home rentals to Universal Studios in Orlando we also recommend checking online and buying tickets direct from the Universal Studios website..

Closest vacation rentals to Universal Studios Orlando

The closest vacation rental to Universal Orlando is Vista Cay Resort which is just 5.7 miles away. Many people do not realize that Orlando does not allow short-term rentals of entire homes or condos other than in Vist Cay. This is most likely when you do your search most of the homes will be down in Kissimmee and Davenport. We caution against renting short-term rentals other than those in Vista Cay as they will not be licensed and appropriately insured as they most likely will be in violation of city ordinances. 

What is the easiest way to get to Universal from Vista Cay?

The easiest way to get to Universal Studios from Vista Cay is by Uber. This will give you flexibility and will prevent you from having to park and pay parking fees. In addition, if you wish to have a drink while at the parks you will not have to drive back. Uber is relatively inexpensive (approx $15 each way), but remember parking at Universal will cost you $25-$30 per day.  The benefit of having vacation rentals close to universal is that transportation such as Uber or Lyft is inexpensive and convenient.

Driving to Universal Studios

If you are still intent on driving to Universal Studios from Vista Cay the easiest route is to take Universal Blvd to International Drive to the universal entrance. Even quicker is to take the express road next to Vista Cay to I4 East and take the universal exit that takes you right into Universal. Weather way it’s a quick drive. The International Drive is probably more interesting and will give you a chance to check out those restaurants and shops you may want to visit during your stay. 

Parking at Universal

One of the problems with parking at Universal is not just the cost, but the distance. Universal does have people movers, but make sure you take a photo of where you parked as the parking lots are miles long. This often means you have to walk some distance until you get to the Universal theme park you are attending. One of the tricks is the drop-off area if you take a taxi or Uber is much closer to the entrance of the parks than if you had to park and walk. There is unlimited parking at Vista Cay.

If you drive to Universal Studios you have to park where you are directed. This can be quite far from the main entrance, but there are people movers. Just be sure to take a photo of the sign closest to your car so you know where you parked.  The best thing is if you get dropped by a cab or Uber at the drop-off point you will not have to worry about parking and walking so far. 

Things to do going back and forth from Universal Studios

Vista Cay has many amenities, but if you do opt to drive to Universal Orlando we suggest you take the route down International Drive as you can see all the restaurants, shops, and attractions and get ideas for what you may want to do on another day or on your way back from the park. 

International at Universal Drive Tour

Packing food & water for the day at Universal

The advantage of having a home at Vista Cay is preparing meals and storage. You can bring your own sandwiches and some bottled water which you can prepare in your home which will save you money. 

What are the operating hours at Universal Orlando?

The operating hours change regularly at Universal so be sure to check before you go.

If you are looking to buy a vacation home near Universal Studios in Orlando visit our Real estate page.