How close is Vista Cay Orlando to the Orlando Convention Center? Orange County Convention Center (OCCC)

The Orlando Convention Center or Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) as it is officially known is located conveniently next door to Vista Cay.

One should remember however that the Orlando Convention Center although only .75 miles away from Vista Cay is not totally a good picture of the total distance to the convention center.

The Orlando Convention Center with some 2 million square feet of meeting space makes it the second largest Convention Center in the United States. If looking for a vacation rental close to the Orlando Convention Center check out our reviews of Vista Cay Resort

There are numerous sections and exhibit halls in the convention center so before going to your convention you must make sure you know exactly where your convention is located at the convention center is approximately two and a half miles across so once you make the .75 miles to the convention center you may have another mile and a half to get to your exhibit hall.

Which Section of The Orlando Convention Center?

The convention center is broken into two general sections which are the West Concourse on International Drive and the North Concourse with the main entrance on Universal Boulevard.

What is the easiest way to get to the Orlando Convention Center from Vista Cay?

If you are staying in Vista Cay we strongly recommend just taking an Uber or Lyft ride to your convention and let the driver know what section of the convention center you need to beat.

Should I Drive to the Orlando Convention Center and what is the parking?

If you are planning to drive to the convention center the problem is you still have to park your car and then walk from wherever your parking is to your convention hall, which again proves it just makes more sense to rent a cab and have them drop you off exactly where you need to go they’ll do door-to-door service from Vista Cay right to outside your exhibit hall.  

For an Uber ride, you’re probably looking somewhere in the neighborhood of about $7 each way from which is still cheaper than driving a car as it is about $15 to park at the convention center.  In addition, because you don’t have to walk to your exhibit hall once you park your car it is also quicker and cheaper to just take a cab.

What is the closest part of the convention center to Vista Cay?

The closest part of the convention center to Vista Cay is actually the North Concourse which is also attached back to back to the South Concourse. The further Concourse to Vista Cay would be the West Concourse at the convention center on International Drive.

Can I walk to Vista Cay from the convention center?

Technically you would be able to walk, but we would strongly recommend against it with the main reason being is in the summer temperatures over 100 degrees are common and being outside for just a couple of minutes would leave you very, very hot.  

Even in the colder months, we would not recommend walking as the distance are quite substantial and some of the roads especially the road that connects Universal Boulevard to International Drive does not have a sidewalk.

Again, we would just recommend taking a cab as it is quicker, more convenient and the most affordable option.

Is there a shuttle bus from  Vista Cay to the Orlando Convention Center?  

There is no regular shuttle to the Orlando Convention Center but the convention you’re attending might have a shuttle bus arranged that picks people up at the clubhouse you should check with your convention or Association to see if they have made arrangements to put such a shuttle bus on

How can I get my packages from Vista Cay delivered to the convention center?

If you are receiving packages your best to have them delivered directly to the exhibit hall where you plan on attending.

For smaller items that you want to take about your person, Vista Cay does not have the ability to receive packages at the clubhouse for security reasons.

If you wish to have packages or other items delivered to you while you’re staying in Vista Cay we recommend you contact the UPS store which is located next door to the Publix in front of the Vista Cay complex. Here you can make arrangements to have all your packages delivered pick them up and then just take the cab over with your deliveries straight to the exhibit hall where you need to attend.

How do I get from the convention center back to Vista Cay?

Again taking an Uber from outside the convention center or a Lyft ride is best as it will send you door-to-door and will drop you right off in front of your door at Vista Cay. Again a cab is easier and more convenient than driving a car.

What is the advantage of renting a vacation condo or home in Vista Cay rather than a hotel for an Orlando Convention?

The main advantage of renting a condo or home in Vista Cay rather than a hotel room off is that the homes are generally 3 bedrooms 2 baths with fully-equipped kitchens, TVs, bedrooms, living room and everything you would have in your own home you would find in your condo. Unfortunately, renting a hotel you’re limited to just two beds and a small bathroom.

Bringing the Family on vacation while at the Orlando convention center.

Many people attending conventions prefer to have a condo as they often they bring their families the family can use the condo as a base while attending the theme parks while the other party goes to the conventions during the day.

If you are bringing your family on vacation while attending the Orlando Convention Center Vista Cay is a good choice because it is so close to the convention center and is also just 10 minutes to Universal Studios 5 minutes to SeaWorld and 15 minutes to Disney not to mention all the restaurants and attractions on International Drive are only a mile away.

Vista Cay saves convention attendees money $

Another major advantage of renting a condo is it allows for convention delegates to save a lot of money as you can have 3 delegates or more in one condo rather than renting multiple hotel rooms with all the creature comforts of home.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of renting a condo in Vista Cay for your convention is in the evenings it allows you to have a piece of home while you’re away from your actual home rather than being stuck in a tiny hotel room.

Vista Cay is a great option for setup crews at the Orlando Convention Center.

Often we find the larger conventions at the Orlando Convention Center have large setup crews to set up and take down the exhibit halls for each convention with many of these staff coming from out of state a vacation condo or home in Vista Cay makes for a great option as set up crews generally do not work during the day and are able to relax in there unit with all the Creature Comforts of home in between setting up and tearing down for the convention.

Directions to get from Vista Cay to the Orlando Convention Center

The easiest way to get to the convention center from Vista Cay is just to go out onto Universal Boulevard make a left and drive about 2 minutes south and the Orlando convention center North entrance will be on the left.  You can use the north entrance to also get to the South entrance of the convention center as they back on to each other.

If you are going to the West Concourse, however, make a left on Universal Boulevard when leaving Vista Cay, but take an additional left on Destination Parkway to International Drive and then a right on International Drive and the West Concourse will be on the left.  

Getting to the convention center from Vista Cay is very easy as long as you know what part of the convention center you need to get to.

Once you are on International Drive you have ready access to both the west and south concourses, but again be advised to know what section of the convention center you are attending due to its massive size and significant distances involved.

How close is Vista Cay to Shingle Creek Convention Hotel?

Vista Cay is located across the street from Shingle Creek resort.  technically you could walk to your convention if it is being held at the Shingle Creek Hotel, but again especially in the summer, this is something that we do not recommend due to the heat and humidity.

Distance wise you are looking at approximately half a mile by the time you get to the convention center section of the Shingle Creek resort hotel.  Again we would suggest you consider staying in Vista Cay because you have all the amenities of a fully equipped home as opposed to a small hotel room in a hotel.

I may need to do business in the convention hotels next to the convention center

If you need to do business in any of the convention hotels next to the convention center such as the Rosen Hotel or Hyatt Regency feel free to go from the convention center to the hotel to do your business, but once done you can then take a cab back to Vista Cay to enjoy your home away from home.

Are there any other vacation homes close to the Orlando Convention Center?

Vista Cay is the only Community allowed in Orlando to do short-term rentals for vacation or in this case for conventions at the OCCC.  As a result,  there are no other vacation homes near the Orlando Convention Center other than those two be found in Vista Cay. This makes Vista Cay very unique and desirable for convention attendees who wish to have more of a fully equipped home away from home while attending the Orlando Convention Center.

What type of homes can I rent in Vista Cay for my convention?

In Vista Cay there are two types of home you can rent a condominium or a townhome.  the Condominiums range in size from 1300 to 2000 square feet and the Townhomes range in size from 1600 to 2000 square feet.  the

Townhomes are generally three stories high with a garage and master bedroom on the ground floor and the kitchen and living areas on the second floor with additional bedrooms on the third floor. 

The Condominiums are old one story homes and can be on the first 2/4 floors with each building having to elevators. There is free parking in front of all homes.

There are no private pool homes in Vista Cay as this is more of a resort-style community.  If you want to rent a pool home while at the Orlando Convention Center,  you will have to rent a home down towards Kissimmee which will be approximately 14 to 17 miles away and is not as convenient a location as Vista Cay which is next door to the convention center.