Train Station at Vista Cay, Convention Center, Universal

Major Train Station Coming to Vista Cay Resort, The Convention Center, and Epic Universe at Universal Studios

What is the completion date estimate of the Brightline Train In Orlando to the Tourist Attractions?

The estimated completion date is scheduled for 2030. Currently, the only effective means of transportation from the Orlando International Airport (MCO) is by car or taxi if going to Vista Cay, Epic Universe, International Drive, or the Convention Center.  This is getting ready to change. Read on.

Brightline Station Recently opened (Above) at Orlando Airport and currently connects to South Florida / Miami. 

Why is the new Brightline Train Station at Universal / Convention Center & Vista Cay Resort needed?

Massive Expansion of Universal – Epic Universe

You may already be familiar with the massive expansion of the Universal Studios theme park complex directly across the street (walking distance from Vista Cay Resort). The new Universal theme park (Epic Universe) is bigger than the Original Universal theme parks (4.6 miles away) combined. CLICK HERE to see more details on the Universal Theme Park expansion

Massive Expansion of the Orlando Convention Center & International Drive

As a result of the Universal Theme Park (Epic Universe) opening across the street from Vista Cay in the summer of 2025 and the expansion of the Orlando Convention Center next door (now the second-largest center in the USA) the need and demand to expand the Brightline Orlando train service from the airport directly to the new theme park expansion, the convention center and as a result Vista Cay Resort which is next door to all this is about to become a reality 

Massive Expansion of Orlando International Airport

Last year Orlando Airport added an entire new terminal (there are now three) making it the 7th busiest airport in the world. As a result, proper transportation infrastructure to and from the airport was needed and the new Brightline train terminal was built in conjunction with the third terminal. Currently, the train goes to South Florida as far as Maimi. 

This Brightline Train route through Central Florida will be known as the Sunshine Corridor. Eventually, it will be expanded to Tampa (See map below). 

It looks to be a huge success!

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has researched and believes this new line expansion would have tremendous ridership and be an “enormous success”.

The above map shows the proposed route of the Brightline Train from Orlando Airport to the Convention Center / Vista Cay to Disney Springs. 

The ridership model results show “very strong” ridership by expanding SunRail to the airport, the convention center, and beyond.

Cost of the Brightline Train & Rail System From Orlando Airport to the Tourist Corridor.

This is anticipated to be a major infrastructure project with current estimates at $2 billion. To get such a vast sum the monies would come from the federal government, FDOT, private investments, and Brightline with the possibility of a special taxing district.

Connecting to Disney

Last reports suggest Sunrail was not connecting to Disney Springs in 2022, but since this time rumors have begun that there will be some rail connection as administrators decide as it would make logical sense for the world’s 7th largest airport to have a connection to the world’s largest theme park. We will keep you updated. 

Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) On The new Orlando Train Service

The FDOT says “The goal is to connect residents to their jobs, essential services, and leisure, but also increase local commerce and economic development”. Such a development is anticipated to increase demand for area accommodations and accessibility for these stops that fall along the way including Vista Cay Resort

The Sunshine Corridor's west phase includes completing 67 miles of track improvements to support Brightline's rail service. The line begins at the International Drive station and continues southwest down the I-4 corridor to Tampa.

The proposed route expansion of the Brightline train to Tampa from